where the writers are
it was snowing when they led me away

My therapist tells me we have to work on "my problem
with biting."

1) I wish I could tell you the truth about this; my jaw
has been wired shut more than once.

My boyfriend is bruised and a little embarrassed.

My front tooth is loose and it hurts when I drink
my tea.

The sheets are in the dryer already.  No one heard

I give them names.  They recede in the light.
I wish I could say I went away, but I was there
the whole time.

I keep forgetting my body has weight.

2)  When I was ten I sat on the bottom of my neighbor's
pool for hours, the pressure on my ears beating
like a huge slow wing.   The light flickering
in the marred blue like a hand-held sky.

I kept super-gluing my fingers together, then sucking
them clean.

The neighbor boy had webbed feet -- his bike had a big cage
on the back.

We went through the woods on my big wheel.

I was never rescued.  I forget what happens next.

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I am not sure what you are

I am not sure what you are saying here. However I did want you to know I read it and felt to be supportive. Is this real__is this happening to you?

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She rode it everywhere.

My sister loved her Big Wheel. She rode it everywhere. She never learned to drive a car. Last week she tied plastic tassels to my pick-up's antenna, and I drove her to the dentist. She, too, has an overbite.

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Nice! Remember the big

Nice! Remember the big wheel in the hotel in the Shining?