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Water Heaters and Mindfulness

My neighbor's water heater blew up and water flooded everywhere including into our garage.  Lots of things are soaked and have to be dried out.  That in itself is aggravating since things just don't dry out in this town.  With gray fog, ocean humidity and cool temperatures, mold and fungus are leering spectors for householders.  We have been lucky in that regard.  Our duplex is built up above both garages, and we share a common wall.  The upstairs living space is dry.  The garage, down below, is where the sog is, and it's going to take some diligence to get it dry again.  It has to be done; the negative malodorous consequences are too great to risk if I don't.

Right away, I'm blaming, pointing fingers, filling with anger.  An irritable mood arises and I am sucked into it unless I kick and scream and resist with all my might.  It's ugly, this mood conflict.  If I were really highly evolved, I would find a way to be grateful for an opportunity for personal growth in this somewhere.  I'll compromise and just get the work done as quickly as I can and hope for better weather to help the water evaporate.  A fan would be good...

Water heaters give out, let go their contents and water flows, seeping everywhere, making sodden blobs of boxes and turning rugs or carpet into sponges.  What was going smoothly and working fine is now useless and expensive, taking time and money to repair.  

I'm thinking about how this looks a lot like obstacles and impediments to accomplishing the notable things we dream of. On the biggest scale, people and organizations want to effect peace but have to overcome one thing after another to do so. Little things, things that seem to gobble up time and energy and seem so fruitless, pop up over and over again. Arguments, policy interpretations, missing information, power struggles among people who must work together slow progress, divert intention.  

On a smaller scale, like my scale today, I was imagining I had a two-hour window of time to work on a writing project I've begun, but the soggy mess is now the higher priority, and the more interesting work will again be delayed.  I'm hoping it builds character and I'll be a better person for it.  I'd rather be that than irritable and angry, because that's just plain poison to me and my spirit.  

I can choose and I am.  Okay, now for those rugs...