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Steak and Onions

At the edge of the meat small bubbles are sizzling, hissing, popping brightly.  A violet-blue circlet of flames is a hot whisper under the pan.  I am hungry.  

There's only meat in the pan.  No good.  I want more.  I find salt, pinch some, and dismiss it from my fingertips.  Go! Pepper, too.  Go!  The meat will taste better, but I want more.  

Onion!  I strip the onion, it protests, and I remind it of its destiny.  It becomes minced at the edge of my sharp keen knife, waves its odor into the air below my nose.  It is eager to join the meat, to my delight.  

Onion and meat shisssshhhhh together, steam rising in quick whorls, savory, serendipitous.  My mouth is juicy with waiting, wants the flavors now.  I think of more, of garlic, of mushrooms, of balsamic sour.  I am a magician, the pan my apprentice, the food my spell.  

I sit with the plate before me, touch the edge of the smooth, cool ceramic, lift the fork and slice exactly down with a silvery serrated knife.  Juice flows in small swirls, the scent of it wafting, gathering me to an expectant, watering-mouthed, breath-held verge.  There it is, hot juicy meat, rising to my waiting mouth, a perfection of pleasure.  Yes. In one split second, I am not hungry, and all the universe is bliss, encompassed entirely by the oh-yes satisfaction on my tongue.  

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Onions,onions,onions and

Onions,onions,onions and more . . .onions.

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Onion On

So sizzalicious.

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Much at Steak

I am salivating. I have just eaten a WW Smart One's enchilada dinner...I want steak.

Well done!
(your post - not the steak)


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My sister and I call it WeWa, and get a laugh for some reason. Must be hunger. Steak makes me crazy sometimes and I love to write about food so I went a fun kind of nuts.

You're very clever Ms Walling, and I loved this comment.