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Super Powers for the 21st Century Woman: Free Talk and Interview with Women Master Creator Amy Ahler
09 Jul 2009 12:00 pm
09 Jul 2009 1:00 pm

You’re invited --FREE Women Masters Tele-Seminar Series

You’re officially invited to get inspired by an incredible line-up of women experts—including me—for FREE!

I am thrilled to be one of featured speakers in The Women Masters Tele-Seminar Summer Series, a free eight call virtual seminar accessible by phone on Thursdays, noon-1pm PST/ 3-4pm EST through July 30th. You may attend as many or as few calls as you’d like and can register anytime (even after the series begins).

The vision for this series is to allow women from all over the world access to the most respected, masterful women experts of our time absolutely for FREE. The Women Masters is about inspiring women, like you, to wake-up and step into their power and genius. Consider this a stimulus package for your spirit!

The topic on Thursday, SUPER POWERS FOR THE 21st CENTURY WOMAN

Hooray! As a 21st century woman we now have the power to do anything! The problem is that now, we feel pressured to do EVERYTHING... perfectly, right now and all at the same time. We’ve liberated ourselves into a new jail cell. From super career woman to super mom to the fittest body and the best wife/friend/daughter... we have access to so much more than previous generations, but nothing has moved off our plate, there’s just a heck of lot more to do and be.

Unless we want to go down in history as “Generation Exhaustion” we MUST develop new skills and strategies -- super powers -- so that we can thrive instead of just survive. The good news is, the super powers are already inside us, activation is all that’s required.

Christine Arylo, inspirational catalyst, teaches women to turn on their super powers and turn off their achievement junkie. A recovering "doing" addict herself, she knows the secrets to get beyond chasing balance, finding time, and doing it all for everyone else, to creating harmony, finding happiness, and taking care of ourselves. With wit, soul and personal yet frank stories, Arylo gives women:

**Insights into how their inner achievement junkie and doing addict runs their lives -- and what to do to get her under control.

** Tools for trading self sabotaging behaviors for good “ME Habits” -- such as The Comparison Diet & The Pause.

**Access to their feminine super powers so they can use their innate abilities to have more by doing less. 

These teachings and insights are a must have for any smart, motivated 21st century woman who wants to feel successful and be happy without having to exhaust herself to do it.