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Choosing ME Before WE
Choosing ME Before WE, The Every Woman's Guide to Life and Love
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If we want a life better than the cookie-cutter version that has left women unhappy for decades, we must be willing to strip away the illusions we’ve built and take responsibility for the circumstances we create. Herein lies both the invitation and the challenge of Choosing ME before WE: Know yourself. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself. First. Then consider HE and WE, never settling for less than what your heart and soul yearn for.

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My hope is that, by sharing my stories and experiences, I can help any woman who reads this book demolish the limitations standing on her path, so that she can claim the boundless possibilities waiting for her... in her life and in her relationships. So that she may live in a reality where she falls more and more in love with herself for the rest of her life.

About Christine

Christine is an inspirational catalyst for women everywhere. As an author, coach, and speaker she dares, inspires, and guides women to be, love and live their REAL MEs… instead of the images they often find themselves trying to live into.

In 2008, Christine founded an...

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