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This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my husband.  The third husband is a charm.  I hesitate to get too attached to him because life can change so suddenly but I can't help it.   It's been four years now since we threw the dice and threw the rice and it's a win-win for both of us.   Our story is way cool because it started way back 40 years ago.   We met in high school when it was "hip" instead of "cool" and way before "way cool" was hip and eons before "sweet" was the response to everything.  He was sweet even then and totally entranced with me.  I was a senior and he was a year behind me.  What every senior girl wants is a college boyfriend, not a junior!   The entranced part however was very engaging and he kept inviting me to go to the symphony and movies that I liked and it was really nice that he was over 6' tall and enjoyed that I was tall.   We talked on the phone endlessly and he made me laugh a lot.   We had terrific seats in the center fourth row at the New York Philharmonic and the symphony began with playing Beethoven's 5th.   Da-da-da-daaaah.   John immediately whispered in my ear with impeccable timing "Cha-cha-cha" and we both cracked up and couldn't stop for a very long time.   A man behind us finally hissed, "Ple-ease!" as we were turning alternately red and blue with the effort to cut that out.   John ALWAYS laughs at whatever quip comes out of my mouth and thinks I'm hilarious.   This is the most charming a person can be as far as I'm concerned NOW.  THEN, I was incredibly shallow and I dumped him because at the age of 16 he had no plan for his life and I couldn't see inflicting his impressive scythe of a nose on any daughters I planned to have.  Well, as it turned out I had three daughters with no input from him and he had one short marriage with no children.   Six years ago John looked me up on that other social website, Classmates.com, and I was conveniently divorced for the second time and with an empty nest.   After we got to know each other and buried a lot of baggage we found we were in love.   Yesterday John said out of the blue, "You had three children without me.  Don't you ever do that again!"   I must admit that my plan for my life went seriously awry with my choice of husbands and I am very grateful to have had a second chance with my dear John.   He is not a turkey.