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Written in Ruberah is about a woman who feels hard-wired to be with the man she loves but who cannot realize that love because of a debt she bears from a previous life in ancient Ruberah. I wanted to set a novel in Cornwall, UK, where I grew up. I felt the lush countryside, the moors, and the...
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  You probably had a favorite legend as a child. The heroes and heroines of legends blend seamlessly with the supernatural, a jump made easily by the very young. Legends vary in structure, but most often the hero is called to adventure but resists until a supernatural power visits him and...
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“Greenaway juggles the many strands of her lushly descriptive book with ease, managing to bring all these characters, from all their separate time periods, together in a rousing climax that invests just as much energy in high fantasy as modern romance, with winning results. The richly imagined...
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I've not blogged for ages but I have that excuse close to the heart of all writers: I'm writing! Check out the teaser trailer for my upcoming novel, "Written in Ruberah."
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I love the planet, so I travel. I love to read, so I wrote a novel. I love movies, so I made my own book trailer.  I’m lucky enough to have a friend to help me. Scott Hale is an artist, graphic designer and computer whiz. We made the book video in iMovie on a Mac.  Before starting, I...
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I recently had “Dream Chaser” reprinted to lower the price, add a brief epilogue and a dedication to my mother. This required removing the novel from distribution for a while, a difficult decision since I've invested a considerable amount of time and money in marketing the book. I lost my mother...
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MY WORK  Some years ago I attended a seminar at a writers’ conference given by a rather famous agent. She began her talk by saying if there was anyone among us who held anything in life more important than being published to stand up. There must have been some two hundred people in the room. A...
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HAPPINESS   I’ve chased many a rainbow, certain the pot of gold glittering at its end held the thing of the moment that would, once and for all, make me happy. I’ve been fortunate enough not to grab every prize and even more fortunate to survive some I did win. Those longed for desires I...
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As a child I liked to climb onto the cliffs and gaze out to sea. Soon, a source as huge and wonderful as the ocean itself would stir inside me. Great adventures would unfold in my imagination. I’d choose a story, write it down, then stuff it into a bottle and toss it into the sea. “I’ll write...
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If you decide to publish with an indie house, set a high standard for your book. Indie publishing represents the future for many writers. Somewhere, a young Maya Angelou may dream of sharing her voice with the world. Let’s build an industry worthy of her.    Like most books, my first...
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Writing is an act of trust for me. I begin a novel with a burning desire to explore an idea. I then commit to write the best book I can and trust in the process. The story unfolds as needed. I love the magic of how that happens. My first novel, Dream Chaser, examines the nature of hope. Sara Jensen...
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