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Change: I want to talk about it

And hear about it.  I'm in the midst of organizational change at work (and doing my best to be part of the downsized so I have the chance to take some time off to write) and the company I work for has a website on how to navigate change effectively.  This is a lovely idea on it's own.  Commendable even.  But when you present an issue or discuss a hardship or worry in light of all the organizational change and you keep getting redirected back to a website that essentially teaches you how to be less annoying about your being changed, well.....it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  So, I've created my own website for a chance to delve deep into all the many changes in life and hear about how people have actually navigated it.  In a non-corporate way.  It can be found here: http://www.christinrice.com/

I want to hear from people on how they think of changes, transitions and turnover in their life.  What they are learning.  Pretty much so I can steal all their good ideas:)  

Do you have a story about change in your life?  Either in the past or currently?  Any nuggets of wisdom you'd be willing to share?