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Magical Shrinking is now available for iPad/iPhone, Kindle, and other readers!

I promise that tomorrow I’m going to write about something other than Magical Shrinking. It’s just that the ePub conversion has finally been completed! This is exciting news, because it’s been in the works for a couple months. I wanted to have the best quality document possible, and I feel like it’s ready.

It’s going to take up to a week for it to be available through iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. I will probably offer it for sale on my website as well (http://www.christianewells.com).

It looks good on my iPad. Better in portrait position than landscape, but that’s not a surprise. I haven’t seen it on my iPhone in this format yet, but I’m hoping it’ll look good. I’m going to be viewing it with as many apps and platforms as possible. I welcome feedback and any help, so if you have a suggestion or comment, please contact me! chris@christianewells.com.