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Highlands Ranch, CO
I've been with my husband, Jason, for over ten years.
Aug 2010

Originally from Milford, Connecticut, I’m currently living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, a quiet Denver suburb. I’m here with my husband, Jason, and son, Jack. I’m in school full-time pursuing my Ph.D in Health Psychology. My area of research is parenting stress and ADHD. I’m hoping to write, teach, and conduct research once I’ve completed my doctoral degree.


I've always been heavily influenced by writers who tackle major social issues, such as Upton Sinclair and Alex Kotlowitz. Kotlowitz's book, "There Are No Children Here" changed my life and led me to work with kids from some of the poorest and most marginalized areas in Los Angeles. I've always wanted to write about the issues that matter most to me - mental illness, poverty, addiction, child welfare, and social justice. While working on my sociology degree I became fascinated with the work of Peter Berger, Eric Hoffer, Erving Goffman, and Howard Becker.

Upcoming Works

My most recent work is Magical Shrinking: Stumbling Through Bipolar Disorder, which was published in July 2010. Right now I'm only writing blog posts and articles because I'm starting my dissertation work. For more information, please visit my website: http://www.christianewells.com


Past agent: Glenn Cheney of Cheney & Associates, Hanover, CT. Currently looking for a new agent to represent me with Magical Shrinking.

Recommended Links


No Guarantees - New Discovery Press, division of Macmillan. Magical Shrinking - Lulu Press.

Interests & Hobbies

I love reading, writing, and traveling. I spend a lot of time researching issues that are somewhat unrelated to my dissertation topic, which is really procrastination, but it's a nice distraction.

My research interests include parenting stress, stress, ADHD, child welfare, corrections, and poverty. My dissertation will be a qualitative study and the title is "The experience of parenting stress in fathers of children with ADHD.