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  The sixth day of the week Just following Thursday Right before Saturday   It is the day of the goddess of marriage Frigu Odin’s wife A friend Free And helpful   It comes announcing the beginning of the weekend Plans to be made No schedules After this day After tonight   But...
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The Time I Was Helped   I felt a chill run down my back in the moment I closed the car door to check if the car was parked properly between two garages. I had accidentally locked the door, the keys still in the ignition, and the car still running! It does not matter that I was late leaving...
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Fog rolling inside the box Of my brain cells Causing extreme electric discharge Progressing within Intensifying by the minute To infinite pounding Causing bursts of color To bleed around the sides Dark shades try to protect The fragile breath I take This gray day
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  Resentment Exasperation  Choler Bile Spleen Fury Indignation Rage Deep and strong feelings  Violent displeasure Fury is rage so great that it resembles insanity The fury of an outraged lover Displease Vex Irritate Exasperate Infuriate Enrage Incense Madden Do you need any more than this...
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Regret Never Rejoice Always Can this ever be the truth?  
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First Memory   Rain pouring outside the car My daddy changing the tire I stand on tiny toes looking out the window Never have I seen so much water   Rivulets go down his nose His hair the rain runs down Inside his jacket the rain hides No no poor daddy   Help I cannot offer One year...
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