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The True Spirit of Christmas

Many have argued that the true spirit of Christmas is not giving, but consumerism in which corporations delude us into buying what ever it is they have to sell. I actually don't think consumption and consumerism are inherently bad things. There are billions of people living in poverty where consumer products--such as toilet paper--could make a big difference in their lives. Try living without toilet paper, or a toilet for that matter, for a week and I think you'll agree.

For me it gets down to: Will this product actually improve my life and the lives of people around me, or will it become just another rarely-used thing the clutters my environment and my psyche?

Every year, the company I work for creates a Holiday/Christmas CD of employee-submitted songs. Many, if not most, of the songs are parodies, and in that vein I made a song titled "Shoppin' in the Free World." As you probably guessed, it's a parody of a Neil Young song. I sent the song to a friend who asked if she could make a video for it. Of course, I said yes. Enjoy.

Here's a link to a version with higher audio and video quality for those that care: