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Across the planet from one another, in a post-apocalyptic world fraught with constant peril, Mei and Rom fight for survival. Mei, hovering over China’s desolate landscape in a community of refugees living in hot-air balloons, struggles to find her purpose in her world’s highly ritualistic social...
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Excerpts from early reviews of Kaimira: The Sky Village. The Sky Village is the soaring debut to Monk and Nigel Ashland’s new young adult series, Kaimira. I loved the imagery of the Sky Village. The colorful hot air balloons seemed so full of life that they made the contrast with the barren Las...
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This press release is about a fantasy property I created for Star Farm Productions. It’s called Kaimira, and I am leading creative development on it across media as well as writing the books (with one other author). For the book series I use the pen name Monk Ashland. BBC WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCES...
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This is my first blog post on Red Room. I thought I'd just jump into the middle of it with a post mirrored from my other blog at rettstatt.wordpress.com. To see any of my older posts, jump to my other blog. I mentioned before that I had an opportunity to create some interesting appendix-type...
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