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Gate Walker Release!




            Tag Line:  Through a miraculous conception, Avalon Labrador must give birth to herself before she is executed, to solve her husband’s murder and her own wrongful conviction.


            When the reincarnated Avy Labrador is kicked out of her stepfather’s house on her 18th birthday, she has no idea that the man who raised her (Drake) framed her mother to cover his murder so he could acquire a major software empire.  Now, years later, with the help of her magician boyfriend, Sebastian, Avy is about to discover that her birth was otherworldly and for a purpose.  The ancient Roman God Janus was so appalled by the heinous murder of Tom Labrador by his brother Drake that he opened up a War Gate.  Avy has received half of her mother’s soul light and half of a God’s essence.  Her mission is to put the real killer behind bars.  The only catch:  she must learn to “Gate-Walk”, that’s time traveling to the layman.  She soon finds out that she is a drunk driver on the space/time continuum super highway.

            She’s piling up the clues and fighting off Drake’s security forces when a mysterious assassin called the Wax Man, an ancient disease carrier, is sent to put the “touch of death” on Avy and her boyfriend.  She also has to save her grandparents from an ill-fated Bermuda flight.              

            Just when she believes she has too much on her plate to contend with, she learns that she’s pegged the wrong man as the killer…her boyfriend is not who he appears to be…and Janus, the so-called God of new beginnings, doorways and gates, just might be the biggest conman and liar she has ever met.

            Gate Walker has a heavy mystery structure, as well as paranormal/magic and romance elements.