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Dec.30.2009 - 8:55 pm
What can I say, other than I faced the realization that I would have to leave my current agent behind and start the search for a new one.  His non-fiction sales were spectacular,...
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Feb.19.2008 - 3:27 pm
Have We Seen The Demise Of The Advance? Thursday, June 14, 2007            Have we seen the demise of the advance?  I’m talking about all these print-on-demand companies (POD)...
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Feb.19.2008 - 2:04 pm
Abandoning Your Book? Sunday, July 15, 2007 I liken my current WIP to a date. I owe it to her and myself to have a good time and leave with her after the party is over. I chose...
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Feb.19.2008 - 1:58 pm
MANUSCRIPT BOUNCING--IS IT OKAY? Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007 There is nothing ill to be said about bouncing from one manuscript to another. Eventually one of them might steal you away...
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Comments from Chris

Feb.10.2010 - 2:41 pm
In response to: The Struggles of a First-Time Novelist
A profound answer from your perspective; one that is true and has revelance today for the new writer. The search for...
Feb.19.2008 - 6:41 pm
In response to: My Secret: I Am Not A Scientist
Well, I'm certainly not one of those people with three letters after my name, and I love science thrillers, too.  I...
Feb.19.2008 - 3:43 pm
In response to: Hal 4 release date
Nice to see you in Redroom, Simon.  I'm sure your latest release is going to be a winner.  Congrats on keeping this...
Jan.10.2008 - 11:24 am
In response to: Inside My Mortal Head
Clive, it's nice to see you here. I believe I saw you at the 88 or 90 BEA in Orange County, but it's been such a long...

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GATE WALKER: REVIEW Posted under Book Reviews, Fantasy, Gods/Goddesses, Kindle, Sci-Fi, e-books by Terrie G. on Sunday 13 June 2010 at 5:09 am Avalon Labrador wakes to a bloody,...