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Piers Morgan CNN Europe on the Royal Wedding

Piers Morgan CNN well known Brittish commentator saying a variety of funny things about people, jokingly said, "Everyone knows Diana's mother was an alcoholic who was erratic", with a few poh-pohs there darlink from the periphery,  with enough instant silence and distant milli-second stares to understand that it is common knowledge in England.  Also, a designer sitting with them teasingly observed Anderson Cooper the American commentator who had been close friends with Diana to be of a of a hot-surpressed sexuality type.  Anderson Cooper obviously had a great deal of respect and sympathy for the princess on that CNN Brit panel.  He was beautiful in his American suit.  As a lot of discussion went on about the difference between morning suits and dress suits.  Both were acceptable on the invitation. 

Also Piers made the lovable cheeky comment that out of the people who attended the church wedding only a fraction would be invited to a wedding buffet afterward.  Piers quote was like "2000 people who were invited to the church ceremony half will walk home without a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne."  Plus he made a great deal of calling the buses motor-something etc..  They were buses Piers.  Well shuttles. Anderson, who knew Diana also talked about Diana going out in disguise to give help to the homeless in the street.  This was further commented on that this was very dangerous going alone and perhaps indicative of a seriously unhappy and disturbed individual.  Taking into consideration of the risks for her and other opportunities that she could reach out to people or going with an attendant.  Piers also mentioned that the last time the boys were in Westminister Abbey was walking behind Diana's coffin for her funeral.  I found it brave of William and Harry to have chooses such a venue for this event.  Also for giving some sort of green light to Anderson Cooper who felt able to speak freely about their mother Diana on live televion.

Although Piers Morgan is not well known in the USA he is widely known in England.  He interviewed Oprah recently on CNN Europe and asked her the probing question "if she had ever been properly in love".  By her answer and confusion it was obvious she has a few crushes and what not.  Of course I adore Oprah.  She has done so much for women.  Gosh she deserves a tad of privacy after her life has been so exposed.  She didn't answer the question directly though.  Many people will die without ever having achieved a soulmate. Thus the second marriages.   Even Oprah and princess Diana seemed to struggle with this true love thing.   By the interview I had the impression she is trying for a European audience outside the USA.  And I have to be frank.  I have never met a French person who knows who Oprah is in any way-shape-or-form.  Gotta get that 500 mil of us Europeans with ya Oprah!  For the reasons that in non-english speaking Europe most TV is sub-titled or dubbed.  So talk shows are not commonly dubbed.  Yes, everyone in non-english speaking Europe knows who Jennifer Annisten is and Lucy from Dallas.  Both "Friends" and "Dallas" are dubbed in Spain, France and Italy, and northern Europe.  What I am saying that a lot of Europe although holding much of the same values of education and hard work, social order do not speak English very well, although are just as saavy. 

What I found so heart lifting about the entire Royal Wedding ceremony was that it made me so optimistic about the world today.  Kate Middleton and Barack Obama are both people who are normal attractive not super models or anything, with excellent behavior, and by taking the chance when it was presented to them, made something of themselves.  Way to go. This made me so grateful that I really do live in a world where there is recognition by merit for people like Kate Middleton or Barack Obama and television journalists like Oprah Winfrey and Piers Morgan.  Makes me feel the world is not such a bad place.