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Outside Paris

Novel idea about love in your forties.  Not in your twenties not in your thirties but in your forties when you still have some attraction and no health problems.  Moving to Paris and taking immigration French, blogging on an ex-pat site and finding my writers voice.  Having a baby at 42 and dealing with unhappy step-children and how strange the world looks at 40 and married with a baby?  In a strange country and not at all what I expected.  And in the midst of this writing my first novel.

Finding my first novel out of this first years in a suburb of Paris.  How to write a novel in your forties with a baby on your lap and a million despairs.  And how to learn to live a writers life of work in the morning when you are at your best, light exercise, errands in the afternoons and volunteer work.  How to build a writers life and slowly write yourself into the world.