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Notes Under the Door

Novel ideas continued.  

I think the kind of families that find their way into married student housing at universities are often sad families.  Single mothers, married couples who never got educations when they would have liked, foriegn couples where the women were isolated and alone all day, kind of a nomads land of bad starts in life or various forms of social isolation. 

My mother layed in bed all day drinking and reading romance novels and only left after sunset to walk to a local bar.  My father worked nights and slept at his girlfriends house during the day.  I would tell my brother stories to entertain him in his lonliness in our lonliness.  

I found ways to amuse myself after my brother went to sleep, I had a hampster, I would read my subscription to the National Geographics, I had a telescope and would try and look at the cars on the highway as it was to weak to see the stars. 

My mother would carry a spiral notebook to the bar with her and write suicide poetry and notes which she would shove under my door while I was asleep.  I would put them in a binder and gather myself for the storm of a new school bus and standing out in a faraway cowtown.