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Making a Writer's Life

I didn't choose to be a writer in other words, I felt it chose me.  I laugh at myself because at least when you are a painter you get to give a canvas to your mom for her friends to look at.  If you are a stand up comic at least all your friends can see you bomb out sweating.  Writers, we are so quietly working ourselves to lather and with so few props.  

Openly admitting your a writer is not always easy. Perhaps writing for free could be part of making a writer's life.  To live out in the open as a writer is a little scarey-fun. Writer's have bills too, so as artists we often need day jobs, if we aren't earning enough as writers.  Oh, yeh, writers are sopposed to be born not educated to be writers?  I don't know if I agree with that entirely although motivation is an intrigueing question in any profession.

So, writing for free has brought me to a place of actually considering myself a writer.  I am working seriously on my second draft of my novel "Almost Paris".  My hope is to publish it in the next three years. I am joining the American Library in Paris, so I can attend the book club they have this fall.  Perhaps even volunteering there or getting a little bit more involved and eventually have a reading.  I believe that you can learn writing skills and build your writing career.    

I went to see an author speak called Stephan Clarke at the Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore, about his long ardorous journey to get published.  He said that he could have just as easily tried to do what he did and failed.  Irregardless about his success being published, I respected him for taking the chance of making a writer's life.  I really do take pleasure in writers who are publishing and going to promotional events.  I like to hear how different people are making a writers life.