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Ignoring Sarah Palin

Obama is great.  A real leader and we are lucky as Americans to both have a system that honors excellence and that middle class people can achieve fantastic lives on their own abilities and talents.  Jeese the USA rocks.  I for one am going to copy Obamas leadership and just ignore Sarah Palin like he did. I believe that Obama is one of the best things that has happened for the USA in a long time. 

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse and that the darker forces of big money and extremism would prevail the good ole USA pulls a rabbit out of the hat.  Great day when Obama was elected by the good people of the USA.  And I like McCain also, honorable man.

My pledge to myself is henceforth, that I will ignore her in writing, in newspapers and since I am quitting Sarah Palin I thought I would write about her my first and last time.  Like when I quit cigarettes I had to do something symbolic. For me it was going to the doctor.   So, from now on I will try my best not to write, read or speak about her from now and my death because I am so entirely horrified and disgusted by her behavior.  Particularily releasing an inflammatory video on a day meant for mourning the victims of the shootings in Arizona.  The video was meant to insight more attention and speak in a kind of code language for her followers.  Very creepy and calculating also incredibly callous on a national day of mourning.

The message was crazy as it was all over the place and unclear,  she used language meant to antagonize the atmosphere;  and to me anyway it had a bunker like quality and a double message when she mentioned peaceful transfer of power in the last election.  What meant that she was insinuating that it could have been violent?  Or even worse that the future could be violent?  My New Years Resolution is to ban Sarah Palin by me will be purposefully removed from my  lexion.  When I read my beloved New York Times and see her name my mind will become a seive.  My lips will never form her name.  

I would like to invite other people to blank out Sarah Palin from our field of vision.  I would like to begin a protest that would spread across the USA.  Where people look blankly when asked her name and no newspaper outlet would give her so much attention.  My hope is that the only attention she recieves in the next year is that of an investigation for putting a map with the reprentative of Arizona as a target to be stopped.  This map could be used as evidence of her hate crime intentions.  Michael Moore said that if she had been from the mideast with a map like that on her facebook page she would have been in legal trouble or under legal scrutiny.

It won't be easy because the billionaires that have whispered in her ear that she could be president will not give up her noteriety easily and without a fight.  The conservative news networks that is prone toward inflammatory comments and slants the news so that less thoughtful people are frightened and manipulated to support their choosen politicians.  Using these tactics of fear the conservative News networks and the rich donors hidden money in the USA has colluded to control the voting population to basically take over the USA.  I say that they will not give up this power easily and that we will have to wrestle it from their hands.  We must fight the good fight.  We can do it though because the majority of Americans are honest, sincere, good people who want nothing more than live decent lives in safe communities.

These kinds of lives are not created by hate propaganda used by people like Sarah Palin.  She is a self serving woman of modest intelligence.  Sadly she could never be president because she does not have the intelligence to be flexible in unscripted events. She would be revealed as the personality disorder she is if she was on a campaign trail.   With a script and under only the most controled situations she seems to be able to hold it together.  I am calling out that we should peacefully just ignore her.  Instead of a sit in we will have a total ignore-in.

It will be a fight because the big money and people in power are not going to let go easily.  We can win because we are not trying to destroy our country for our own gain like these people. We will win because we are doing it to create a great country.  This kind of extremism that Sarah Palin (just writing that name to me is a symbol of what can go so wrong in a free country like ours, it is not a perfect country) cheerily, goading people on to tear our wonderful country apart.  Who is this chick?  I certainly could not stomach anything from her or her family again after this video.  Of course she will need to work  I am sure religious network as a 3AM time slot for our little Ms. Sunshine.

Yes, society is affected by this kind of hate speech.  Yes, it creates stress and especially any calls to attack the government either directly or indirectly is very wrong and should be prosecuted.  It is afterall  a crime to attack the USA goverment and I read in the New Yorker that over 1500 people are sitting in federal penetentaries for having tried to do that.  Everytime Sarah Palin opens her mouth she will just give support to another nutball like Timothy McVeigh or this man in Arizona.  There should be a thourough investigation.

We are all affected by our environment, peer pressure.  Even normal people have trouble stepping back and seeing that the environment has become poisoned by this kind of non stop hate speech from people who seem to have their own hidden agendas.  Personally I don't think the right cares about state rights it is just a ruse to get power and hinges on old issues of racism.  My only hope is that like any old USA after school special television program, that the peer pressure is stopped and our higher minds can prevail.  So, the after school special peer pressured kid to do some kind of irrational act will instead go to his local tech school and become a computer tech.

It won't be easy to stop this kind of manipulation.  One sheriff in Arizona began the movement in a wonderful outpouring of candor describing that the poisonous political comments contributed to a hostile atmosphere in Arizona.  We are all affected by our environment and peers.   Normal people are stressed by the constant non stop lies and manipulations and confabulations.  I am grateful that Obama took the opportunity to honor the victims and that we can begin to wrestle power away from these sorts who use scare tactics and lies to gain political capital.  We must stuggle and not stop until these kind of fear tactics are stopped in order to protect our wonderful democracy and stability. 

Some of the scare tactics they use is to say the government is a threat, which the sheriff in Arizona said was very irresponsible to creat a climate of fear like that, also they use fear of not being patriotic to silence their detractors who want to complain about the scarey speech,  and also fears of others and a general atmosphere of paranoia and intense religiousity.   Basically these groups use fear and undercurrents of violence to win political capital.

Of course I don't believe the shootings in Arizona are Sarah Palin's fault directly.  Yet, her constant drumbeat of fear and veiled threats of gun violence have contributed to a sense of crisis.  She is for all purposes a celebrity who has higher aspirations either political or in the media of some sort.  That's fine, although I disagree with her using her fame in a harmful manner.  I also disagree with the underlying general tone of hers that you are either with us or against us. In effect her inflammatory manner of presenting herself, constant seeking of media attention, and her obvious political aspirations has made her a rightful focal point.  Sarah Palin can't play ingenue.  She is not an innocent bystander.

I hope this is not too radical and I believe that we can fight this poisoned atmosphere by  thourough investigation of all inflammatory news and other media should be done leading up to the Arizona shootings that created this environment and that anyone involved in threats real or implied should be given consequences.  Personally I believe Sarah Palin could theoretically be charged with several misdemeanors and at least one felony and should lose her facebook and twitter accounts.  So, now I begin my silence on Sarah Palin taking Obamas lead.  It's an ignore-in.

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This is an incredible blog!!!!

Dear Christine,

I am really enjoying reading your talented observations on life. To be honest I can't wait to read your blogs as I question what will Christine write about today >>> whether it be a blog or comment.
You are sooooo right about Sarah Palin. I usually am astounded by some of her comments and tactics that (I presume) she uses to get attention. Months back she referred to our President as having "brass gonollies" I'm not sure if that is the correct spelling?) Even some of my staunch conservative friends were appalled as I was. You are right that we must fight this poisoned atmosphere. I am an ardent supporter of President Obama, and I think that his ignoring of Sarah Palin is the right move. Your suggestion to follow suit is, also, to be commended.
Keep inspiring >>> you have a following!
Have a great day!
Mary Walsh

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no way get outta here

that is so cool that i have fans! my video from my alaskan bunker will be forthcoming just let me get my backdrop of my american flag! just kidding, i was kinda afraid to write that stuff because jeese she is so scary and weird what if she made a crosshairs map of me? thankfully i am so puny that the only person interested in my writings are probally my relatives that i am not speaking with. I certainly wish this site had spell check because I am a terrible speller. I have no idea what I am going to write each morning to be honest. hey now i broke my pledge not to mention you know who. mums the word.