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Dandelion Queen

Novel idea toying with the paranormal.  It was the day of the 4th of July parade.  Whenever her mom got antsy June became highly alert.  She actually imagined antennaes growing out of her forehead at these momments delicately feeling the air. Her mother in full bloom weirdness had decided to put her in the parade riding her purple Schwin.  It was a last minute addition and inspired by a six pack of beer and despair ran to the railroad tracks and brought back a paper grocery sack full of knee high long stemmed dandelions.  Finding a shoebox cover and tearing off the edges and penciling in "Dandelion Queen", poking holes in the corners with the same pencil, using a shoestring to creat a loop and hanging it in front of the flowered white straw basket.   At first glance the effect was pretty.  An eight year old girl with some flowers in a basket.  Upon closer examination the other details became clearer.

She teased up her straight brown hair and added some aquanet hair spray, painted her face light green with eyeshadow and filled the  bike's side rear tire baskets and front basket with assorted weeds for filler and dandelions, the bike was made for a bigger girl;  the creation of a distrubed person.  Bringing up the tail the ride two miles uphill her round face a mask of focused humiliation.  What was worse was that when they passed the spot where her brother had been hit by a car the previous year she saw him laughing at her perdicament too.  He hadn't aged the only difference was he had one arm in a sling.  Strange that they have casts in heaven June thought.  It wasn't the first time she had seen him.  Just the first time in the daylight.  She also noticed that he his keds were wearing out.  She would have to get one of his old pairs to him somehow.