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Almost Paris

First novel and just want to finish it.  Now that I am rethinking my novel.  And am revising some parts and doing everything I can think to make it as marketable as possible as I would at least like to recoup my editing costs.  After recently reading "Last Night on Twisted River" by John Irving he starts the book out with a hook story.  And even identifies it as such at the end of the book.  It worked it kept me reading and got me interested immediately.  Noticing my book lacked an immediate hook.  

Also,  I am wondering if a name change might also be in order?  What novel title seems more eye grabbing?  Does "Almost Paris" conjure up ideas of trying to find something that one does not find?  Or just sounds overused?   At this point of just thinking about revisions and making mental notes and talking to a few people I am trying to intuit this thing out. 

I feel compelled to finish this book as best I can before I go onto another project.  The reason being that I restarted a masters thesis after I was about half way through the first and thus delaying my graduating.  So, I am committed to finishing this novel before I move onto another project.  Plus I think with every rewrite you become a better writer.  My goal is to improve and also I like complexity and enjoy the creative process.  Working things out.  I find it endlessly entertaining.  Also, there is something about writing that seems so satisfying with my hands and my brain.  As our hands are very connnected to parts of our brains.

Seeing several writers discuss their choices of novel titles and different aspects of writing have been very helpful.  Somehow I am leaning to the Albuquerque Paris title recently.  I have always liked the "Almost Paris", title but something about it always seemed unspecific.  The title Albuquerque, Paris gives the reader the instant information that this is some sort of journey between these two places.  Plus the word Albuquerque is so weird.  I can't help think of Bugs Bunny going "toin left at Albeeewkerkee".