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8 Hours In The Future

     Europe is about 8 hours ahead of the USA.   Another question I am often asked is what the weather is like in Paris?  Basically we are on the same equator line as the mid-west.  With the addition of being close to the Atlantic ocean.  So the seasons are milder due to the sea climate

     I am having mint tea with the window open to my back yard and the sound of a distant lawn mower and it shows 3AM-USA time or some bizzarre asundry time, which sounds much more desperate and screwed up than a tea, thinking of salads or should I do sushi?  

    There have been several blogs about exercise.  Yes, writers used to be comedians, drunks and malcontents and barely functioning rich people of ambiguous sexuality.  My favorite writers are the truely called and the forged like Ulysess S. Grant who wrote his autobiograpy while dying of mouth and throat cancer trying to secure his beloved wife a livelyhood after his imminent death.  

    Writers can exercise instead of self destruct I guess is the new message.  If that is all that it took to fix us?  I really like women's fiction.  I admire Maya Angelou for ushering in the real voice in this modern age.  Also extending that by Joan Fonda, and Jodie Foster, and Oprah.  All American women who are barrier breakers.

I just noticed my blog has had nearly 10K visits since I began six months ago.  I would guess that is about average as I blogged a lot at the beginning.