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The Light in the Ruins Rock and Roll Book Tour, Week One


It's been a really lovely first week on the road, thanks to all of you who I've had the pleasure of meeting at eight events in eight states. The events have been terrific: Big crowds, plenty of laughs, lots of t-shirts.

I can't thank you all enough for your faith in my work.

I'm thrilled that I still have eleven events left, from Seattle to San Diego to picturesque Canaan, NH. I hope you can join me.

And the first reviews of "The Light in the Ruins?" 

Here you go:

"Beautifully structured, written with restrained intensity and suspenseful to the end, this is both a satisfying mystery and a gut-wrenching account of moral dilemma in a time of moral struggle." -- Robin Micheli, People Magazine, 4-star Review

"The Light in the Ruins elucidates, haunts and raises moral quandaries...Bohjalian's historical retelling is riveting...A memorable read."-- Claudia Puig, USA Today

"One of the fifteen best books of summer. . .A picturesque page turner."
-- Good Housekeeping

"With each book, Bohjalian flexes his literary muscles, crafting a ghost story, historical fiction, and now police procedural. . .[Bohjalian] is skilled at evoking the sepia-tinged past." -- Tina Jordan, Entertainment Weekly

"The subtlety and language of a literary novelist...The denouement is dead solid perfect. Bohjalian has written another winner." -- Curt Schleier, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Bohjalian raises questions about the nature of injustice and the often arbitrary codes we deploy in order to keep a firm grasp on right and wrong, good and evil, or hero and villain. The Light in the Ruins offers an engaging story that unspools in such a way as to keep the reader with her nose to the pages long after the light has actually faded." -- Sheila Moeschen, New York Journal of Books 

"At the heart of a good novel is a good story, and this story is a doozy. Bohjalian expertly weaves together a tale of how the war split Italy between the people who willingly collaborated with the Germans and the ones who did not. . .Not every author could manage to tell a war story, throw in a serial killer and drop in several interesting romances, but Bohjalian manages." -- Amanda St. Amand, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Historic fiction at its very finest...This novel moves with the heat and inexorable flow of lava. Not to be missed." -- Edmund August, Louisville Courier-Journal

"A brilliant blend of historical fiction and a chilling serial killer story...a page-turner that the reader will not soon forget." -- Deborah Donovan, BookPage

"Masterfully crafted...a near-perfect blend of historical fiction, mystery, and suspense." -- Brighid Moret, The Washington Times

"A masterpiece. . .a terrific read that will transport both long-time fans and newcomers back in time to one of the most turbulent periods in Italian history." -- Ray Palen, BookReporter

"Thoroughly gripping, beautiful, and astonishingly vengeful, this novel is a heartbreaker. Bohjalian's latest turn to historical fiction is immensely rewarding."
-- Julie Kane, Library Journal -- starred review

"Mastering matters subtle and grotesque, Bohjalian combines intricate plotting and bewitching sensuality with historical insight and a profound sense of place to create an exceptional work of suspense rooted in the tragic aberrations of war."
-- Donna Seaman, Booklist -- starred review

"A taut, suspenseful page-turner...Bohjalian effortlessly turns a work of historical fiction into a breathless whodunit." -- Wendy Plotkin, The Armenian Weekly

"A riveting re-creation of a time and a place long gone, but not forgotten."
-- Valerie Ryan, Shelf Awareness

"A literary thriller. . .a soulful why-done-it."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"An exploration of post-WWII Italy doubles as a murder mystery in this well-crafted novel. . .an entertaining historical whodunit."
-- Publishers Weekly 

"The Light in the Ruins" is also one of Barnes & Noble's "Best Books of July" and one of Oprah Magazine's "Ten Titles to Pick Up Right Now."

Fingers crossed my work never disappoints you -- and I meet many of you in the coming two weeks.

Truly, I get to do what I do because all of you. . .and I will never forget that. Truly.


Chris B.