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Palace of Illusions
The Palace of IllusionsA NovelWritten by Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniFiction - Literary | Doubleday | Hardcover | February 2008 | $23.95 | 978-0-385-51599-3 (0-385-51599-5) Excerpt 1 fire Through the long, lonely years of my childhood, when my father’s palace seemed to tighten its grip around me until I couldn’t breathe, I would go to my nurse and ask for a...
Bazaar at Night
It was dark by the time Anand got off work, and he was very angry. Haru was supposed to let him go by 4 P.M., but he often found an excuse to keep Anand longer. Today he had claimed that Anand had not wiped the tables properly and made him do them all over again. Anand had scrubbed the pocked wood of the tables furiously, biting his lip to make himself stay...
Queen of Dreams
“This story of an emotionally distant mother and a daughter trying to find herself transcends cultural boundaries. Queen of Dreams combines the elements that Divakaruni is known for, the Indian American experience and magical realism, in a fresh mix. The tale succeeds on two levels. She effectively takes the reader into an immigrant culture but she also shows the...
1 - From the dream journals Last night the snake came to me. I was surprised, though little surprises me nowadays. He was more beautiful than I remembered. His plated green skin shone like rainwater on banana plants in the garden plot we used to tend behind the dream caves. But maybe as I grow older I begin to see beauty where I never expected it before. I said,...