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A novel about a woman who runs an Indian cafe, and her mother, a dream interpreter.

Apologies for the long gap between entries. I was finishing  my novel, One Amazing Thing, literally working on it day and night. Everything else fell by the wayside. It was intense. My  family lived on sandwiches and pizza. (I suspect the boys didn't mind the pizza bit too much).

But now that the household is slowly being restored to normal and I'm back in the kitchen, I thought I'd indulge in vanity and share with you a fusion tofu dish that I created. As with most of my cooking, it's very easy--and the boys actually started liking tofu after they ate this. This recipe is a healthy protein alternative for vegetarians/vegans.

You will need: one large onion, 6 cloves garlic (we like garlicky stuff--you can use less), 1 large green bell pepper or 2 small ones,  1 t red pepper powder (more for the brave), 1/2 t crushed oregano or Italian spices, 4 T canola or olive oil, 16 oz FIRM tofu, and 16-20 oz of your favorite kind of spaghetti sauce. Mine has mushrooms in it. (Amount of sauce depends on whether you want it drier, for wraps, or more saucy, to eat over rice or spaghetti). Salt to taste.Remember the sauce will already have some salt.Sometimes I add fresh basil leaves at the end.

Chop onion, garlic and bell pepper. Squeeze water out of tofu & crumble it. Saute in oil, medium heat: onion, garlic, bell pepper. When golden, add oregano & red pepper powder.
After 1 minute add the tofu. Saute about 5 minutes--more if you want it to turn golden & have a slightly nutty flavor. Add spaghetti sauce. Cook on low heat 10 minutes. If it seems too liquidy, cook it a few minutes more without covering. Add basil (optional).

The whole thing takes about half an hour. Can be served over hot rice ( I like it on brown rice) or spaghetti. Or eaten in a multi grain tortilla wrap.
Great with a big green salad on the side and fresh fruit for dessert. (If you want to indulge, have it with the mango ice cream recipe I put up on the blog earlier. )

Let me know if you try it. And if you have a favorite tofu dish, I'd love to know. I've become quite the  Tofanatic.

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where's the book

so I'm catching up w/writer blogs and just saw your most recent...never a need for apologizing for not posting when you're doing the 'writing' writing!!! Now I want to know where the book is! :> Hope things are well. jg

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the book is out in the world now

Hi Jewelle, good to hear from you. One Amazing Thing is out now! You can pick it up from your favorite bookstore. Let me know what you think.

Hope you are doing well.