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I am endlessly fascinated with the juxtapositions of pictures and headlines in newspapers. Sometimes I think the layout people just get bored, but other times things seem to be totally coincidental. I’ve been working for years on a scrapbook about this stuff (which may or may not ever see the...
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Late last spring I was approached by DC Comics on behalf of the artist Dave Gibbons to design a coffee table book of his preparatory artwork for the seminal 1986 comic book series Watchmen. My initial response was “I can’t,” not because I didn’t want to (I am a HUGE fan, surprise surprise) but...
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As you may or may not know, Bat-Manga! is being released on October 28 simultaneously in hardcover and paperback. The hardcover is a limited edition with an extra 32 pages of material—and not cheap, at $60. Regarding this last point, someone in the Pantheon sales force thought it would be a good...
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