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Aug.30.2011 - 2:27 am
I have never cheated on anyone. I have had four serious relationships and only one cheated on me for her own good reasons and even though I was angry and disappointed, I have...
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May.26.2011 - 3:41 pm
(In memory of my father Sunday Eke, who fought and survived the World War II in Burma) I have kept my father's identity card of Royal West African Frontier Force. But I have...
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Jan.21.2011 - 3:48 am
The National Assembly building in Abuja, Nigeria.
It's not easy to state who started it or how many died. But the horror for those affected is clear.~ Craig S. Keener Dear Karl Maier, This house has not yet fallen, but it is...
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Comments from Chima

Sep.25.2011 - 2:26 am
In response to: The Fighter and The Writer: Litquake presents The Barbary Coast Award to Ishmael Reed
There are only few people in the world like Ishmael Reed. He is an inspiration to me.  
Jun.17.2008 - 3:07 pm
In response to: This Is How American Dishonor Killings Tend to be Reported
There are over 50 million Muslims in my country Nigeria, but honor killings have never been reported, because our...