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No Internet connection is not such a bad thing after all

I've been without Internet connection for the second time in two and a half months. What a drag.  At first I feel lost, disoriented or yses and angry like hell. But as the days go by, I realize that I am not as lost as  think I am. Sure I feel like I am missing out on all that might be happening at my favorite online haunts. But the most most observation is that I write more. I write longer. I write later. In fact I write my way out of my comfort zone.

Every now and then, I get kind of bogged on and feel a bout of burnout coming on. But thankfully, some snag appears and jolts me out of my writing induced lethargy and propels me onto a new and adventurous writing path. Without realizing it, I flex my writing muscles, reach a little further, dig a little deeper and raise my writing voice. Next thing I know, I'm in a new zone with a new rhythm and the writing is easy.

I'm going to be brave here and say, if no Internet connection generates this kind of experience, then BRING IT ON.