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I'm in the Red Room

Lord knows I don't need another blog. I have enough trouble keepping up with all I already have to do on a daily basis. Still, I could not resist the opportunity to rub virtual shoulders with people who love words and are passionate about writing as I am.

So, I'm in the Red Room. As soon as I entered, I got the impression that something interesting is always going on here. How could I not join?

I sense that I am in a good place - a place to share my witing journey of struggles and triumphs, a place to learn from writers who have travel further down the road than I have, a place to inspire and be inspired, a place to share my thoughts and my writing.

I'm in the Red Room and I'm glad to be here.


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Hi Cheryl,

Welcome to the Red Room, we're glad you're here as well. Please make yourself at home and keep visiting us. We've many exciting new features for members and aspiring writers coming soon. I'm sure you'll find the coming weeks as exciting as we do.

Warmest regards,

Thomas Dotson, redroom.com

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Thank you

Thank you Thomas. I'm glad to be here.

Was a virtual welcome cake included with your message?