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Writers--do you need a trusted independent editor for your manuscript? I know a great one: Evelyn Fazio
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Sometimes we need an editor to get that final push before we get a book contract,  to really polish our work and have it be the best it can be. That's especially true if we're publishing our books as ebooks.

My editor, Evelyn Fazio--the one who did such an amazing job editing my own books SCARS and HUNTED, is now accepting clients.

Evelyn has 31 years of editorial experience in both fiction and non-fiction; You can see her extensive experience on LinkedIn.

Evelyn reads manuscripts and gives reader reports, priced based on length, and she edits and line edits, depending on what's needed. She'll do whatever is necessary to help a writer, and if she thinks she can't help them, she'll say so. She is a fantastic editor who I trust completely with my work; she allows you your voice, encourages you, and helps make your work speak to people the way you want it to. I highly recommend her!

You can contact Evelyn at emfazio@earthlink.net.

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Thank you...

Hi Cheryl,

Just what I needed to read.

Best Wishes!



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Oh, good! I'm glad! (beaming)

Oh, good! I'm glad! (beaming) Thanks for letting me know.

Take care,