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A Learning Curve

Just at the edge of darkness, where the light of our fire does not penetrate, an elephant thunders by, trumpeting the whole way, a classic illustration of the Doppler Effect - sound that condenses, rises in pitch, crescendos, blows by, drops pitch, recedes.

We lift our heads in surprise.  Waves of sound unudulate away from us, kin to ripples on a pond. We use sound waves, Doppler Radar, to see rain, to know when we should run for cover.  There is no such radar for an incoming elephant.

Eventually his outrage is extinguised in our ears, but other elephants a mile away are just beginning to hear it.  Resonance fills the night air around us, yet we are deaf to those sounds below our range of hearing.

How much of the world are we missing, circle upon circle?  Perhaps instead of placing ourselves at the center we should move to the edges, where our skills are low and our learning curve high.  We should extinguish our fire and sit in the darkness listening, really listening.