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Cheryl McLaughlin's Biography

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Pleasanton, CA and on-the-road USA
Mar 2008

In her first life, Cheryl McLaughlin was one of the first female experts in sport psychology and a sought-after coach, speaker  and author who mastered the art of writing short, bullet-point "how to" articles for sport and corporate audiences.

In her second life, she traded in her bullet-points for prose, weaving together the stories from her life and turned them into stories from the road and memoir. 

In her third life, she began dabbling in using video and New Media to tell the stories, make a difference and promote her work. She is the Founder of 360BookBuzz, an Internet book marketing company which assists authors in promoting and selling more books with less travel, time and money.

McLaughlin teaches the Internet Book Marketing Boot Camp at Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA, and is the founder of the Virtual Women's Conference and VirtualConferences.org. Cheryl will be teaching her courses online in 2009. Contact Cheryl at: cheryl@cherylmclaughlin.com


Interests & Hobbies

Tennis, bicycling, traveling this amazing country in an RV along with two Yorkshire terriers, a bevy of friends - old and new, painting and finding ways to support sports and arts in the schools.