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Whoo-hoo! I won!

Lopside Press sponsored a chapbook contest last winter, and my manuscript "Prisoner's Dilemma" was chosen! The judge was the excellent Don Zirilli, and the book will be out in July. The poems, based on the old question in probability theory--Who will rat on whom?--are accompanied by drawings by my sister, Janet Snell. Janet is the author of "Flytrap"(Cleveland State University Poetry Center) and the ebook "Heads"(March Street Press), and I'm grateful to her for her massive contribution.


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Congratulations on winning to both you and Janet! Of course, because you are sisters, I wonder: When you were growing up, who ratted on whom?

It sounds like a fun book to make because it takes thought experiments as its premise. Was it a serious exercise for you, or fun, or both?

Speaking of probability theory, have you ever seen or read Tom Stoppard's play Rosencrantz and Gildernstern are Dead? (It has also been made into a movie.) The opening scene manages to be funny and existential about the probability of a coin toss coming up heads 92 flips in a row...

Thanks for celebrating with Red Room!

Rebecca Goldman




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Thanks, Rebecca!

Oh, Jannie and I don't rat on each other--we've got two brothers!

Our collaboration rather sneaked up on us. Janet sent me her new drawings, and the images sparked poems. The common thread of betrayal surfaced, so that title seemed apt, in a sideways kind of way.

I love Stoppard! Off to reread that scene...

Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com