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Town Creek

I have two new poems up at Town Creek Poetry Journal, at http://www.towncreekpoetry.com.

Maybe you'll tell me what you think?

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These 2 pieces are gorgeous.  "Carrying the sky" is an image I'll carry with me.

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very Wallace Stevens to me

And I mean that in a good way.  "Leaving" get at the zeitgeist doesn't it--and the last line, very daring and yet it works.  Reminds me James Wright's famous hammock poem with the final line about wasting your life.  congrats

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Matthew, you made my day!

 I rarely try leaps like that, but the poem insisted. I'm glad it worked, and very glad you took the time to tell me. Thanks!


Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com

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Thanks, Belle!

 I'm so pleased you liked them. I wrote "Leaving" after our last eclipse. The woman with the blonde dog is my real- life neighbor. I like to put those real toads in my imaginary gardens. Not that my friend is a toad, of course!

Cheryl Snell www.shivasarms.blogspot.com