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Thank you

...to Red Room for featuring Matthew Biberman's resonant review of my novel on the homepage, and to Matthew for writing it. Just as a poet can learn something new upon hearing her words in another poet's mouth, a novelist can learn a good deal about her own process from a good review. Prof. Biberman gives me new vocabulary to describe my own work--- how thrilling the observation that  my poetic, figurative language "influences the novel all the way down to its essence...where each chapter operates as a kind of intense short poem - a sonnet." To his perceptive eye, my shifting perspectives recall the Rashomon effect, and he points up my central concern with this: "most writers working in the genre of the English novel continue to present nonwestern forms of consciousness via free standing western characters. In stark contrast, Shiva’s Arms invites you to imagine characters that are interconnected parts of a larger whole."

Matthew, shukriya.