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 Well now, that was quick. Here we are at the end of National Poetry Month -- I have thirty rough drafts in hand.I'll let them cool off before I poke at them to see what's alive. In the meantime this souvenir should keep me humble: http://issuu.com/cherylsnell3/docs/fusion_with_cover I can vouch...
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So I'm a little late with this, but look at it this way -- it's all downhill from here, This week's fave, Circle: You’re better now, your wounds have closed, there is sapling strength. Your sister is still at the other end of the phone, singing her hosannas. Your ex thinks it’s his turn now,...
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 drawing byJanet Snell
 How are you doing with your poem-a-day challenge?  I've been using my sister's drawings as prompts, and this is my favorite from the second week:  Tea-green rainslants through the sky and night crawls across our bed. You climb in with your warm handsand in the falling light, we listento the...
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Some short stories tell simple tales to immediate effect. Others draw the reader deeper, leaving a lingering taste on the tongue or haunting music in the air. Cheryl Snell's tales in this collection belong to that second type. Bounded at both ends by the song of a harmonica, the author creates...
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My sister just made several dozen new drawings and National Poetry Month is upon us, so what could be more natural than for me to use her drawings as prompts for my first drafts? Don't worry, I won't post the results every day -- except on my blog, Shiva's Arms. This is my kickoff poem, and it...
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Interviewers always seem to want to know: How much of Shiva’s Arms is autobiographical? Here are a few ways I've answered the question --- 1) Everything and nothing – the irony of literary fiction since Flaubert ! The set up, unsuitable American bride marries Hindu NRI , parallels my life. But...
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Merits of literary fiction versus genre fiction are still hotly debated in dorm rooms and groups with names like My Genre Fiction Can Kick Your LitFic's Ass. Accusations hurled from practitioner and aficionado alike are cliches by now -- pretentious language goes up against formulaic plots and...
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 This is a sequence I'm developing---  BayView Why do you go? Last time, she twisted your rings until you noticed hers were gone. Stolen right out from under her. You want me to see you are still needed.You want me to promise that none of thiswill happen to you. They make her sit with all the...
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Not my Kindle -- I haven't bought one yet.  Here's the sell page for all you technologically savvy folks: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004R1QBUG   My publisher says the novel will be available for the NOOK and iPad in a few days. I'll catch up later.
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In compliance with the new think about freebies in publishing, I give you, free & clear, a few of my books. Check out the poetry, art, and fiction at http://issuu.com/cherylsnell3 It's not a bad way to spend a rainy saturday night.
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A mother as Minnie Mouse, a haircut as barometer of change; the origin of red Chinese slippers, a friend who announces “Every man is a shoe fetishist.” Image functions as symbol in Deborah Batterman’s first book of beautifully balanced, psychologically complex stories. Written mostly from the POV...
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Five of my books were published by traditional publishers. When the last one gave up the ghost a month after releasing my book, I decided to reissue it under my own imprint. Since then, I've put out more work, most recently a suite of linked short stories. The idea for that came with a package of...
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My sister and I have a videopoem in the new Soundzine, live now. A special thanks to Sherry O'Keefe, the new poetry editor,an accomplished poet whose work we both enjoy, for inviting us to submit work.
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My ninety year old mother broke her hip last spring. She is a modest woman, but one day she wanted to show me her scar. Why would she do that? And how could I describe it? How much history should I include - for instance, should I let the reader know she has Alzheimer's? I decided to open...
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 A reader who had just finished Rescuing Ranu, asked me this question, and I thought I'd share my answer, which rambles on a bit. Why did Nela adopt Ranu? At first, she only wants to leave the girl better than she found her. But Nela's sense of right and wrong is too highly developed for half...
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