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One Sister Interviews the Other
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J- Describe the best dinner you ever had.

C- The chocolate bombe you made me for my birthday that time.

J- That was cake, not dinner. What about the filet mignon and potatoes roasted with garlic, nutmeg and lemon before that?

C- Good, too.

J -Recommend a book that you didn’t write.

C- Flytrap, by Janet Snell.

J -You have excellent taste, if I do say so myself. Which brings me to my next question- What fictional character would you like to date?

C- Your brother-in-law won’t let me date.

J- Bummer!Describe your perfect day.

C- “Waking up, the first and the last privilege, waking up once more.”

J- Elizabeth Hardwick?


J- Why do you write what you write?

C- “I never know what I think about something until I’ve written on it.”

J- Faulkner said that.

C- No less applicable, though.

J -What’s your favorite reaction from a reader?

C- When I bring them to tears, like that newscaster does.

J- Oh yeah. BaBa rocks. Are writers better liars than other people?

C -Yes. Other people add too many examples, and they’re always the wrong ones.

J- Name an artist who inspires you. It doesn't have to be a writer.

C- That would be you, dear.

Thanks to my sister Janet Snell for playing!