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 Here's an excerpt of a new review by Grady Harp, and another from Nanette Rayman Rivera .The subject is my sister's and my new poetry and painting book, MEMENTO MORI.

A Cache of Fireflies and other Joys

'Memento mori' is another term for still life which is another way of describing observed carefully arranged items worth remembering, Memento mori is a particularly apt title for this collection of poems and paintings by the sisters Snell. Cheryl Snell, the written poet, combines her sparkling little observations of life and ordinary things such as childhood reveries and mental notes of things/incidents/people she has observed and transformed into poem form: Janet Snell, the visual poet, continues to create aqueous paintings of expressionistic nature that pull the eye into worlds of fantasy and illusion. Part of the joy of the collaboration of the two artists is that they resist the temptation to 'illustrate' each other. That would be the expected result in a collaboration - one artist has an idea and the other elaborates on it.

Not so with MEMENTO MORI. Opposite Janet's wonderful little painting 'Gorkyesque' Cheryl places 'Poem with Bugs"... 
 Across form Janet's painting 'Narcissism' is Cheryl wonderful 'She paints herself into a corner.' And as the book flows - a feast for the eye accompanies a recalled pleasure of reading memorable poetry. An Excellent book, this!

(Grady Harp)

Cheryl Snell is a mysterious poet, but not too--

Her poems in this collection have an air of other-wordliness, just off kilter enough to make you read them over and over. There is also a lovely aura of danger that you can't quite make out, which makes the poems that much more lovely.

My favorites are Hope and Skin Hunger.

And her sister Janet's artwork is also lovely and matches the other-wordly quality.

(Nanette Rayman Rivera )

 I also have a few poems in the new Mannequin Envy and the new Ourosboros Review. But what's been keeping me up at night is the launching of my new novel, Rescuing Ranu, and my collection of short stories, Words in Edgewise. I know this might backfire, what with the saturation and all, but I thought it would be nice to offer folks some variety of genre. What do you think? Here's the new shop: http://scatteredlightpublications.books.officelive.com/