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New Book

It's called Memento Mori. Don't groan--it's not all that dark. It's got plenty of gorgeous color, in fact, provided by Janet Snell's intriquing oil paintings, including the one on the cover. The bookend poems and the one at midpoint touch on her childhood obsession with lightning bugs, but not to worry, the chap is not all in-jokes. Here's a sample. (Pardon the estrogen power-surge):

Skin Hunger

She palms his belly,
follows the bellows

of his breath. Is it skin
that conducts the rise and fall,
touch that brailles intention?

To lift her fingers now
would skew his rhythm,
all movement seizing.

She curves her hand
above the little light that’s left,
and molds the shape of absence.

How many losses will it take
for her to stop this wanting?

She hovers above his skin
until she is sure his body
will welcome her back. Mouth
unhinged. Breath rushing
toward the ceiling.

Amazon's Createspace is printing the book. Here's the ordering info: