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 Today I was consumed with the idea that I needed a proper website for my sister's and my latest chapbook, Memento Mori. I thought it would be nice to showcase our several collaborations, but of course neither one of us wanted to pay for it. We tried out a couple of free web sites--the former FreeWebs, Wetpaint, and something called Squidoo. The ads bugged us. Then we stumbled on Microsoft Office Live Small Business and put this up: http://scatteredlightpublications.books.officelive.com/default.aspx

Now, if everything will stay where it's supposed to.. .

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A brilliant move!

This gives a truly complementary dimension to your respective gifts.
Love the video effects. It works fantastically well with the reading.

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Thanks, Rosy!

I see the one painting didn't stay in its cage, but I guess that's OK.
I'm sending you an email just now. I have to ask you something!!

Cheryl Snell