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I visited a book club this week, to discuss my novel Rescuing Ranu with them. There were two mathematicians, and economist, an oceanographer, a social worker,and a violinist in attendance, and here are some of the questions they had for me:

Will Nela (abstract thinker turned altruist) get her adopted daughter Ranu's leg fixed? Do they have medical care in India sufficient enough to make that happen? What exactly is the diagnosis? Why did Nela adopt Ranu anyhow? Does she have enough maternal feeling, or is she just doing the right thing? Will Jackson (the kind of altruist who wants to save the society from which Ranu came, rather than just the one girl) ever come back home to Nela and Ranu? Why is both the motif of birds (is the one in the lead actually leading or is it being chased?)and also the evolutionary biology frame neccessary? Will Ranu grow up to be spectacular, since she seems to be an old soul?Will Nela nurture Ranu's Indian heritage, even though she herself has turned away from it? What's Jackson doing in the world, anyway? Does he have a plan to save Ranu's sister. too? How does he expect a woman as prickly as Nela to trust him if he's not even there?

So my question for Red Room writers is--do you ever get ideas for your next book from the response to the one you've just written? These women want more from these same characters, and they would appreciate a truly happy ending next time, OK? They're already making room for me on their 2013 schedule.Someone hand me a tiara.