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My poem Signing Sympathy  is up now at www.public-republic.net/signing-sympathy.php. Public Republic is the magazine I recently learned about from Marilyn Kallet. Editor Katerina Klemer has a great eye,and the art chosen for the poems is so evocative, don't you think?

A piece of mine will appear shortly in a new zine called Nanoism. It's a place for "twitter fiction and poetry" in the For sale/Baby shoes/Never been worn mode. You compose your bit right in the box in your twitter account to stay within the allowable number of characters. Much better than leaving it to 'properties' in File.

One more and I'm done. Burningriver.com has taken  Wrench for next year's anthology, Noun vs Verb. After having the video made of my poem Fire on the Cuyahoga (see my Media, or lopsidepress.com/win/), how could I resist submitting?

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congrats, congrats, cheryl!

It's lovely to get this kind of exposure for your work! Good for you to be so active in your submissions -- here's the reward. : )

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How are you ,Evie?

Thanks for the nice back-pat. I'm grateful for your encouragement!

Cheryl Snell