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Aug 2010

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, the youngest of four and the daughter of working class parents.  We read all the time. Our family eschewed the typical board games to engage in the art of full frontal, take no prisoners debate.  Our house was filled equally with love and conflict.  You will see this conflict in my writing, especially the poetry excerpts from my book the 'Offspring of Anger.'  I write a lot of observational essays.  I am drawn to the dynamics of race relations, politics, and how people handle emotional obstacles.  My fiction is usually based in the South because I spent a lot of my growing years in NE Mississippi with family.  Those memories are the most vivid for me and translate into my writing.  Professionally I have worked as a freelance columnist for the Indianapolis Star, published a couple of books and numerous journal articles on philanthropy (specializing in ethnic giving), and I am now working on my first novel.  I am a mom of two, a U.S. Marine and one in elementary school, and I'm a nonprofit executive.

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Culture, politics, family dynamics, philanthropy, travel, volunteering, and biking.