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Crime City Central launched on July 16, 2012 to rave reviews! Our inaugural story came from Lawrence Block, master of fiction and author of more than 50 books. "Keller the Dog Killer" features Keller and Dot, iconic characters in Block's brilliant catalog of creation.

The narration truly nails the pace of the story. You know that ride at Disneyland that starts easy, sweet, lovely... Then WHAM, you hit a splash, then a twist, a turn, another and another, a few moments to catch your breath, maybe you think the ride is nearly ended, but WOW, you swing into another turn. It's a fabulous story, promising a solid, reliable and really entertaining show.

Our host, Inspector Jack Calverley, has that perfect British cop accent. Your mind sees him striding from behind a desk at Scotland Yard, gesturing as he speaks, sending you out to solve a mystery or learn a twist of somebody's fate.

We're all volunteering our time for the show, so we cannot pay for stories. We can increase your readership by presenting an outstanding narration. If you have a crime fiction story you'd like to hear on our show, just let me know. Our word count guideline is 3000 - 10,000, although we do accept short pieces to fill out medium-length episodes. We also accept longer pieces for serial narration (across two or three shows). We're also interested in crime fact articles, so if you write nonfiction, please consider sending us a story.

Our show follows the format of the parent show, Starship Sofa. The Sofa has presented science fiction each week since 2006. The show won a Hugo Award before the Hugo had a division for podcasts. The Sofa has interviewed Ray Bradbury and has presented stories from Joe Lansdale, Joe Haldeman and Niel Gaiman.

The producer, Tony C. Smith, now manages four shows under the umbrella title, District of Dreams - Everyone has a story in the District of Dreams. Starship Sofa gave birth to Tales to Terrify in January 2012, its collection including stories from Joe Lansdale and Stephen King. This month, Crime City Central and Protecting Project Pulp debuted.

I hope you will consider contributing a story for Crime City Central - or for one of our other shows. I also hope that you will subscribe to our shows. Give us a listen - you'll love it!

www.crimecitycentral.com www.talestoterrify.com www.starshipsofa.com

If you like what you hear, please review us on iTunes. If you don't like what you hear, drop me a line with any helpful criticism.

Crime City Central airs each Monday, available from iTunes or from our website. In coming weeks we will present stories from Cheryl Wood Ruggiero, Chris F. Holm, Ann Littlewood, Ray Banks, Marilyn Todd, Bill Moody, Robert Ward, Brendan DuBois and, throughout the year, hundreds more. 

I would love to include you! Let me hear from you!