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Genre fiction podcasts at District of Wonders: Crime, Pulp, Horror & Sci Fi!

Everyone has a story! Come and find yours at the District of Wonders! www.districtofwonders.com To find your own story there, submit it to one of our shows!

The Hugo Award-winning StarShip Sofa accepts published science fiction submissions, as well as fact articles ( starshipsofa@gmail.com subject submissions). SSS has featured Joe Haldeman (who will soon give a webinar through District of Wonders on writing science fiction!) and Neil Gaiman. The show won the Hugo before podcasts were a category and has been nominated several years running. Host Tony C. Smith even had the honor of interviewing Ray Bradbury (r.i.p.). The Starship rises every Wednesday.

Since January 2012 host Larry Santoro has presented exceptional horror fiction on Tales to Terrify. He accepts submissions at talestoterrify@gmail.com , about 8000 words. Larry has explored some fascinating formats, including reading a tale followed by a radio theater performance. TTT airs on Fridays.

In July we launched Crime City Central and Protecting Project Pulp. At CCC we're accepting published crime fiction, wherein we loosely define "published" and "fiction" and broadly include most any crime. Our word-count guideline, 3000 - 10,000 words, is also flexible. We are considering expansion to include fact articles as well. Send your stories to crimecitycentral@gmail.com or running2defend@yahoo.com . Our host, Jack Calverley, presents excellent stories, beautifully narrated by our battalion of narrators, every Monday. The first Monday of each month he reserves for "family friendly" stories. We could really use some of those.

Dave Robison (host of the Roundtable Podcast, a podcast that should be on EVERY writer's list of favorites) hosts Protecting Project Pulp each Tuesday. He presents pulp fiction stories and interviews. Dave plans to include neo-pulp in upcoming shows. The word count for pulp fiction seems to exceed that of the other genres.

Our hosts, editors and narrators work for the love of the craft, and our shows are free. Therefore we cannot pay for stories. We can, however, expand an author's readership among our global population of listeners. StarShip Sofa's first episode (from 2006) still gets downloaded several hundred times a month. The show has over a million downloads worldwide. Crime City Central's debut racked up an exceptional 1000 downloads in the first week. Our shows get great feedback on iTunes.

You can download any of our shows through our webpages, through iTunes or via Stitcher. We hope to get your stories to share with our listeners and to bring them into your fandom.