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The Blame Game


"Mama didn’t cling on to the fact that her mother abandoned her at nine years old. Once she conceived me, she did the opposite.  Mama broke the cycle in her generation and gave birth to me despite the abandonment experience she had as a child and loved me more than life itself. Mama made the difference and with difference comes change. The change is mama entrenched me with love and her legacy of love is going to last throughout eternity because the love mama had for me and everyone she came in contact with, could only come from God." (excerpt from "Mama Never Told Me")

At some point in your life you must face the reality that you are the ONLY person responsible for the decisions you make in your life.  Choice is a gift.  You choose your mate, your job, the food you eat, the clothes you wear.  You choose your situations out of faith or fear. Your dreams either grow or stay boxed in due to the choices you make to move forward or stay where you are because you are playing it “Safe.” 

Your dreams, visions, your future, your tomorrow weighs heavily on you being different; your purpose should be serving the needs of others to benefit the will of God. Simply said the will of God is to love one another and moving onward with YOUR truth God has designed for you.  Dwelling on past experiences and situations only hold you prisoner from the freedom which you own. The saying “Let Go and Let God,” is critical to my spiritual, physical, mental and financial prosperity.

When we put God first He will reveal the talents we have to serve his purpose for elevate His Kingdom. Serving your purpose means serving yourself a great big heaping bowl of truth every morning!  Do not over think what I am saying; just fall to your knees, a chair, a shower or wherever you are and Surrender, Serve, and Salute for your time has come.  Blaming others only create boundaries to your dreams and prosperity that awaits your choice to choose YOUR TRUTH, YOUR DREAMS, and YOUR LIFE.    

Now choose. Stop blaming others for your lack of understanding because God has never left you, nor forsake you- Hebrews 13:5. You have a choice and no one can ever take your choice away, except you and your fear of completing your purpose; God’s purpose.