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Sister and Sistah

Jane Austen Adaptation Sense and Sensibility


“Sister and Sistah”




“If I remember clearly, the property has four complete Master bedrooms; four complete Kitchens; and 12 Fireplaces. How many square feet? How can I forget? A massive 35,000 with six acres of land, 30 rooms include a grand ballroom, a library, guest apartment, music room, formal banquet facility, media room, exercise facility, 12 bedrooms, 12 full baths, and 3 partial baths. Jamal how long is it going to take them to move out? I don’t want to seem like witch, but I need to add my designer touch to my home and rid the smell of your stepmother and her daughters from my new retreat.” Jamal does not respond.


“Here we are Franna.”


Yes, we are all here Jamal.” Mrs. Davis, Ebony and Monique greet Jamal and Franna quietly at the door. The tension in the room can be cut with a knife. Ebony senses the alienation of her mother and sister towards Franna. “How is Mrs. Foster? My mother is always thriving, thank you for asking. My brother Reggie spending the summer with her, he is the man women want to date in Martha’s Vineyard. He just bought a Bentley, better than the one Beyonce bought for Jay-z in 2010.” Jamal pierce his eyes at his wife as he watches her drown herself with her words, he shakes his head in irritation and corroboration and proceed to eat dinner. Ebony holding back from replying to the foolishness bucked her eyes, exhaled and says “that’s nice.”


“I thought you had more than one brother? Yeah, I do. Eddie is the oldest and my mother depends on him to help her around the house and with her day to day business. I invited Eddie to stay with me at Baldwin Hills from Manhattan. He should be her in a few days. Monique lifts her eyes to look at Ebony who then shift her eyes over to Jamal. Jamal grabs a biscuit from the platter and directs his attention to Mrs. Davis. Will that be o.k. with you? Yes, of course Jamal this is your home now, Mrs. Davis answered half-heartedly.”




“Franna is asking where the key is to silver cabinet is kept, Monique says distraughtly. Carrie Bella has it, I think. Why does Franna want the key? Gold digging witch is probably ready to sell the silver for money. Ebony is preoccupied with numerous boxes and exquisite satin bows. What are you doing? Wrapping presents for the help. We have lost daddy and they have lost us as well. I am grateful for their hard work. Well at least the help will escape dealing with Franna, I am sure she will bring in her own entourage. Escape; just like you Houdini you haven’t said anything to her in a week. I have not, I shook my head yes and shook my head no. Monique rolled her eyes. It time for breakfast.”


“How did you sleep Franna?” Monique was forcing the words out of her mouth. Franna looking bewildered visited the face of everyone seating at the table. Very well Monique. Did you find the silver? Was it genuine? Monique said sarcastically. Girl Pray. Ebony pressed her leg against Monique’s at the breakfast table. Ahem, Ebony cleared her throat. When is your brother coming to Baldwin Hills? Eddie will be here tomorrow. Oh… yeah, Mrs. Davis since Eddie will not be here for a long period of time, can Monique give up her room while Eddie stays here, the view is grander from her room and I want Eddie to see Baldwin Hills at it’s best. Jamal shaking his head and biting his bottom lip.




“Mrs. Davis, a guest has arrived,” announced the butler. Everyone stands up for the introduction in the library anxiously awaiting the visitor. Franna declares Mrs. Davis, Ms. Davis and Monique, my brother Eddie Foster. The announcement was in unity with Mrs. Davis and her daughters Franna says “Please have a seat.” Mrs. Davis mourns the loss of her husband and her house at that moment. She looks over to Franna and Eddie feels torn between the two Mrs. Davis’; his sister Franna and her mother-in-law Mrs.Davis.


“Where is Michelle, I must tell you that your hands are full with that one. You must let her do what she wants and she controls you because I have not seen her once since I have been here. Does she even exist?” Eddie’s mouth has hit the floor. What is his sister thinking?


“Please forgive me Mr. Foster; my youngest Michelle is fearful of strangers and definitely the ones with us now.”


“Of course, I am sure you taught her not to speak to strangers and I am nervous around strangers too. I do understand.”


“How do you like you view Mr. Foster? Monique eclipsed sternly. Mrs. Davis and Ebony looked about the room, shaking their head and Ebony bowing her head to pray. Very well thank you. You have beautiful stalls for your horses; you take very good care of them. Monique’s eyes shifted to the right, Mrs. Davis sighed and Ebony fell to her knees in prayer.


Rubbing her Yorkie Poodles, “Eddie your room looks over the lake not stables.” Franna executed.


To be continued…

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