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Sister and Sistah

Jane Austen Adaptation Sense and Sensibility

“Sister and Sistah”


    “Daddy,” Jamal called out as he rushed into the hospital room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s intensive care unit in Los Angeles, California.

     “Jamal, Jamal, Mr. Davis babbled as he lay paralyzed to the hospital bed, barely able to speak. My money and home in Baldwin Hills will be yours soon and my soul is torn knowing that my father set up my estate to go to you only and leave nothing to your stepmother and sisters, ushering them to become homeless after my demise. I am happy for you and Franna, however, I will not rest unless you promise to take care of your stepmother and sisters. If you do not, I will haunt you forever. ”


      Jamal’s eyes shifting back and forth like an owl clock striking twelve o’clock midnight. Mr. Davis grabbed Jamal Davis’ arm and demanded Jamal to follow through with his last wishes because Mr. Davis had only left his wife ten thousand dollars a year to live off on for ten years and nothing for his daughters. Mr. Davis shared with his son that his wife and daughters would have nothing to live on.

“Give me your word son.”

“I will Dad, I will.”

“Your word is your bond Jamal.”

“Yes Dad, I promise.”


            “Why do have to help them? That’s your step mama and step sisters. I think your father is out of his mine to make you promise such a thing, maybe it’s all the morphine pumping through his veins that have him delusional.”

            “Franna, daddy asked me to give them only ten thousand dollars and that’s less than the cost of your Louis Vutton saddle bag and shoes you bought this morning. Besides I am going to put the money into an annuity so they can live off the interest which I believe will release my promise to my dad.”

            “Why so generous,” Franna expressed probingly.  

“Sometimes I like to do more than skimp. Jamal says and clears his throat. Jamal’s eyes watching for his wife’s reaction.

            “Why are you trying to do more for them, what’s the deal? You are driving me crazy, talking about taking care of your father’s family, instead of focusing on taking care of me. After all, I am your wife and I need more help than they do.” Huh.

Mrs. Franna Davis pops her collar in the mirror before heading out to claim their new home in Baldwin Hills. Mr. Jamal Davis frowns awkwardly as he awaits a response from his wife. “Dad didn’t really say how much to give them, now that I think about it.” Jamal said nervously. I will be waiting for you in the Mercedes 500SE for our trip to Baldwin Hills.”

Franna places her yorkie dog Poodles on her lap for the 1435 mile road trip from Grand Prairie, Texas to Baldwin Hills, California.

“I think fifty thousand dollars is good enough, what do you think?” Jamal says enthusiastically while driving.

“Why are you giving your half sisters half a thought, when a man will not even think of his real sister that much?”

“I don’t think they would want much more?”

“They shouldn’t want anything; the bottom line is what can you afford?” Franna voiced.

“Maybe I should give their mother one thousand dollars a year while their mother lives instead of a lump sum of fifty thousand dollars and when she dies the yearly amount will stop. What do you think? Is that better?”

“She’ll never die then because she will be determined to out live us to collect her annual checks.”

“Then I will give her five hundred dollars here and there that should work?” Your way to kind, I don’t really think you father really wanted you to give them money. After they leave Baldwin Hills they will only have their clothes and no furnishings, so they won’t need much to live on. They can all live in a studio apartment in downtown Los Angeles where they can be cozy; they can even eat and possibly live at the Los Angeles County Emergency Food and Shelter Program and possibly offer you something because they should be able to save after they move from the Baldwin Hills to the Downtown Los Angeles.”



And I know you're shining down on me from heaven
Like so many friends we lost along the way
And I know eventually we'll be together
One sweet day

Monique can you play a different song, mama has been shouting and crying since breakfast.”

Ebony turns away and walks down the hall. Monique puts in another CD…

But now that you're gone
Everyday I go on (I go on)
But life's just not the same (life's just not the same)
I'm so empty inside
And my tears I can't hide
But I'll try, I'll try to face the pain

            “I meant something more cheerful Monique.” Ebony’s voice is traveling from the next room. Mrs. Davis is pacing and backing her china aggressively

“Oh, no good vultures making me feel unwelcome in my own home. Really, did Jamal need to come so soon? I am sure my husband is turning over in his grave. I do not want to be here when they arrive.”

“But mama, we don’t have anywhere to go.” said Ebony.

“We have family arriving here from Cedar Grove shortly, I am not worried.” Mrs. Davis wept. Ebony slowly walked over and places her hand on her mama’s back. Mama I will not make you cry, we need to be cordial to Jamal and Franna while we prepare to leave Baldwin Hills. They should be here within a few hours.

To be continued…


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