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Embrace your "heART"

You have arrived when you have expressed your pain, your love, your story, your dream through art. Art is the last three letters of HEart; the HE is God our Father. And with God All things are possible. Rethink your life and envision your purpose. Break the cycle of muzzled dreams as Alice Walker stated in her essay "In Our Mother's Garden."

While I play among my mama's garden, I will find my purpose. My dream is to fulfill the dreams of all the women in my lineage and show the present and future how to break the walls down like "Brewster Place" and free their souls to accomplish the ultimate; a relationship with God and humanity.

Alice Walker's essay "In Our Mother's Garden" speak for many generations of black women who staved off or completely suppressed their dreams for the sake of keeping their families together. Black women have put themselves on the back burner to satisfy her home and husband; even today.

 As I labor to fulfill my "heART" which I believe is my purpose, I continue to have feelings of doubt about birthing the creativity God has blessed me with. I too witnessed my mama's poems, creations from household scraps for entertainment and story telling about her life throughout my childhood years. However, my mother died not fulfilling her dream to publish her book. I can hear her voice as I write these words. I use to listen through the walls of my bedroom while mama's voice transfixed her audience. I remember hearing laughter and cries, which weaved an emotional quilt of strength that took over the ears of her listeners.

Mama's pain was cleansed practicing forgiveness for her situations, circumstances and for people she housed in her project apartment. Forgiveness and love became mama's "HEart." The spirit of Our Heavenly Father poured out of her loving people, sacrificing forothers and giving without wanting in retun. Despite being abandoned at nine years old,  mama mothered her younger siblings, sleept in a chicken coup in the snow,while blanketing her body her over her six year old sister to keep her warm. Mama continued to love without conditions.

Art allows an individual to express themselves through creative skill and imagination. I believe art is freedom and sometimes we as black women unknowingly deprive our "heART" because we are overwhelmed with life and  circumstances which hinder us from reaching our purpose. Release the heart in you and leave a legacy of love. One Love!